Christmas is for Giving

Santa asks, “What do you want for Christmas?” Little kids write
letters with lists of things they want. Some of those cute letters
made their way to the Sawyer County Record last week.

That’s a precious thing, and I certainly don’t want to detract from
the wonder little children experience at Christmas.

But, at the essence, Christmas is not for getting – it’s for giving!

Tis the season of unselfishness.
Tis the season to share with those you love.
Tis the season to be compassionate for those less fortunate.

It’s not about spending money you don’t have on stuff they don’t need.
This year, especially, with financial squeeze we’re all feeling – how
about simplifying? How about being creative, spending a little less,
and giving a little more of yourself? How about shopping locally, so
you when you DO spend, it’s helping your neighbors put food on their

How about giving something homemade? How about giving your time?

How about remembering those who are in need? Did you know that
Americans spent $450 billion on Christmas spent year and that we could
provide safe, clean drinking water for every person in the world for
$10 billion? What if this Christmas, we were less consumeristic and
more compassionate? Consider joining the “Advent Conspiracy”

How about your neighbors who are suffering? As I was writing this
article a desperate mother called me for help. They had no money. Her
little girl has no winter boots, and a snow storm was approaching. We
got her some boots.  There are many little children, right here in our
own community, who go to bed hungry and don’t have adequate winter
clothing. What can you do to help them?

How about putting something in the kettle, when you pass the Salvation
Army bell ringer? Better yet, how about signing up for a stint of bell
ringing? How about getting a few friends together and caroling at the
home of someone who is sick?

Who knows? In the end, you might just say, “It was my best Christmas ever!”


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