Fret Not Thyself

"Fret not thyself. . ."

That's the way the first verse of Psalm 37 begins (in the King James
Version) and it's a word aptly spoken.

It's easy to find ourselves fretting and stewing over circumstances
beyond our control. Without even realizing it, toxic, anxious thoughts
can seep into the mind, and poison the spirit. That's not the way it's
supposed to be. We were not created for inner discord, frets and

Instead, in the original design, we were made for faith. This quest
for faith is embedded deep in every human heart. People might try to
deny it, but it's still a reality! We're hard-wired to believe in The
One who is greater than ourselves.

God created us to worship and acknowledge Him -- and in a very
practical way, this means trusting Him with all our circumstances. ALL
of them!!

Now, that's easier to SAY than DO.

One day,  my beautiful wife, Cathy observed me fretting and fussing
over some financial difficulties. Gently, she reminded me that I ought
to practice what I preach and spend more time praying than worrying
about the situation. You know, she was absolutely right!

As I took my burdens to God in prayer, I felt a heavy weight lifted
from my shoulders. When I said "amen", I took a deep breath and found
myself lighthearted and free! There was no more anxious care churning
in my stomach. I gave the problem to the Lord, asked for divine wisdom
and peace, then left the results in His hands! What a joyous

The outward "circumstance" remained the same -- but my perspective
improved tremendously. I realized that somehow, someway everything was
going to work out alright. The best is yet to come!

"Hope springs eternal in the human breast" said the poet, Alexander
Pope. There's nothing coming your way that you and God can't handle


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