"Happy Holidays" and the Christmas War

I don't think warring over Christmas is such a great idea.  It makes Christians look like grinches.

A couple years ago, I observed the following conversation between a department store clerk and an irritated "Pro-Christmas" customer.

"Happy Holidays," the clerk smiled.

The customer glared at her and growled, "It's MERRY CHRISTMAS!", then stormed off in a huff.  I was tempted to fill in the last part, "you filthy animal!"

I grinned at the startled cashier, and said, "Don't let it bother you.  He's just looking for a fight."

Seems to me, the clerk expressed the Christmas spirit far better than the angry evangelical protester.

Come to think of it, the word "holidays" actually comes from "holy days."

When someone says "Happy Holidays", they are actually wishing me happiness and holiness -- expressing the peace and presence of Christ.  I'll take that, and say " happy, holy days to you also!"


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