The Renewal of Christmas Evans

Christmas Evans, the tough, one-eyed Welsh revivalist, wrote in his diary of a spiritual dry spell. To rememdy this, he went into the woods and spent three hours before the Lord in prayer and brokenness.

He wrote:

“There stole over me a sweet sense of His forgiving love. As the sun was westering I went back to the road, found my horse, mounted it, and went to my appointment. On the following day I preached with such power to a vast concourse of people gathered on the hillside, that a revival broke out that day and spread through the whole Principality.”

-- Note: A few years ago I had the privilege of visiting Christmas Evans' grave in Swansea. I've been inspired by this godly man's faith and devotion to the Lord.

Pastor, if you're wondering how to revitalize your church, maybe you need to start with your own heart first!

The great evangelist, Gypsy Smith, said, "Draw a circle around yourself, get down on your knees and say, 'Lord, please send a revival, and start it inside this circle!'"


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