Keep Your Soul Warm When it is Colder Than Cold

As I write this, a deep freeze looms on the horizon.  Northern
Wisconsin Januaries are always cold -- but this is colder than cold.

In this weather, Jack Frost does more than nip your nose.  You have to
be careful.

Even my dog Vin makes a quick dash for potty breaks.  As I took him
out this morning, I spoke the words Jesus said to Judas, "Whatsoever
thou doest, do it quickly."

Northwoods folks gain grim satisfaction from the cold endurance. Cars
won't start in cold snaps, but conversations will.  Those who brave
the wilds to visit the post office or grocery store compare mercury
readings .  Bottom line -- it's colder than cold out there!

When it hits 25 below, my kids and I take advantage of the situation.
We toss boiling water into the air, and watch it turn instantly into a
cloud of ice crystals.  We also blow soap bubbles, which freeze
immediately and drop slowly to the ground as ice balls.

If it's going to get this cold, we might as well have some fun with it.

In seasons like this, I'm thankful for warmth indoors.  I'm grateful
for a good furnace, and the kind man who keeps it running for us.  We
take our furnaces for granted, and they escape our attention unless
they aren't working properly.

Today, when it is so cold on the outside, I'm glad it is warm on the inside.

And I believe a spiritual truth is embedded there somewhere.

Winter storms may rage on the outside.  Circumstances may be stark,
frigid and threatening.  Yet, if you keep your furnace of faith
stoked, your soul will stay warm.


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