Problems Help You Grow

Your problems can help you grow!

Life’s difficulties can seem overwhelming. Disappointments, rejection, and painful experiences tempt us to cave into discouragement.

When faced with a Goliath sized obstacle, what do you do? Cower in fear? Ignore it? Throw a tantrum?

On ignoring: In The Hobbit, Tolkein remarks, “If a dragon lives with you, it’s best never to leave him out of your calculations.”

Genuine problems must not be ignored. If you sweep a dead skunk under the rug, it won’t get any better.

So how do we deal with difficulty? Put the problem in the right perspective! Realize that life is made up of problems. Troubles are everywhere and everybody has them. Don’t be surprised when they come
your way.

Problems contain the seeds of their own solution. You can find the answer if you get on the “solution side” rather than the “problem side”. (By the way, you don’t have to be too smart to identify a problem. You need to stretch your brain a little, however, to see the solution.)

Problems are only temporary. Better days are ahead.

Focus on what you have, rather than what you’re lacking.

Be patient and learn something from this situation. Every pearl is the result of an oyster’s victory over an irritation.

If you don’t get bitter, you surely will get better!

Turn the problem over to God. He can rectify what you have wrecked.

Don’t run from your problems. Instead, let them stretch, challenge, and develop you.

Deal with today’s problems today. Refuse to put off what needs to be done now.

By the same token, do not allow worry to take over your life. As poet, Robert Frost stated,“Just take things as they come and handle them the best you can.”


Dave Quinn said…
Well said. My attitude changed a lot when I realised I grow through problems and that God can use them for my benefit. Roamsn 8:28 also helped!!

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