The Daniel Plan

Recently, I had the privilege of reading The Daniel Plan, by Rick Warren.  This is so much more than a book.  Rather, it is a way of life -- a pathway to health.

In November 2010, as Warren, widely recognized as America's Pastor, baptized over 800 people, he realized something -- his congregation desperately needed to lose weight -- and he did too.

Warren got serious about his health habits, and with the assistance of three well known physicians mapped out The Daniel Plan.  He took his church through it together, as a pilot project, and collectively they lost more than 250,000 pounds!

The Daniel Plan is not a primarily diet book.  It is a way of healthy living, based on five pillars:  faith, food, fitness, focus and friends.

The book provides specific, practical steps a person can take over 40 days to become more healthy.  Anyone following these guidelines is guaranteed to come out the other side in much better condition.

I must admit, I've appreciated this work primarily as a spectator, rather than a fully engaged participant. I suppose I still need some attitude adjustment (and Warren addresses attitude -- which is an excellent part of the book.)

Some of his menu suggestions, for instance, stretch my imagination.  For those who are really ready to buckle down and get serious about their health, this resource provides a way.

For the rest of us, who aren't quite there -- but should begin taking small steps towards better health habits, I appreciate Warren's suggestion:  Start with one thing.  What one thing can you add (or eliminate) from your life that would lead to better health?

A complimentary copy of this book was provided to my by the publisher for review on this blog.  I was not required to post a positive review,.


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