How To Brighten a Room and Inspire Others

Have you ever noticed that when certain people walk into a room, the whole place brightens?  Somehow, they bring inspiration and hope just by showing up.  Gary Nathan, of Woodlands Developments and Realty is like that. So is Dr. JoAnne Lyon, General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church, and founder of World Hope International.

I've pondered what sets my friends, Gary and JoAnne, apart and makes them different from others?  Why does the room light up when they show up?  Is there something the rest of us can learn from them regarding this kind of charisma?

There are certainly several other factors, but let me suggest a few:

1.  Outward Energy Flow

JoAnne and Gary both exude an outward flow of energy.  In other words, they bring energy to people, rather than hoping others will bring energy to them.  The focus is outward.  "What can I do to help you?" rather than "What can you do for me?"

The other day, my car battery just didn't have to juice to face the brutal January cold. Thankfully, Roadrunner (AAA) came, hooked up a charger, gave old Betsy a jolt, and she started right up.

That's what people like Gary and JoAnne do.  They have an independent source of energy (faith in God) and whenever they connect with others, it's a recharging and energizing experience.

2)  Positive Affirmation

Gary and JoAnne see the potential in others, and bring it out.  They tend to believe in people and give the benefit of the doubt.

Stepping into a room, their posture is always, "Here you are!" rather than "Here I am!"  They deeply value relationship, and view those around them through eyes of love.

When correction needs to be made, they do it looking primarily towards the future rather than the past.  Their belief and vision of a better tomorrow inspires hope.

3)  Gracious Generosity

Both JoAnne and Gary have learned the hidden secret of generosity. The more we give, the greater the joy, and the more we are given to give.  Resources are meant to be shared, not hoarded.  As we bless others, we, in turn, are blessed.

4)  The Extra Touch

Perhaps, the greatest lesson I've learned from Gary and JoAnne is how much of a difference a little bit extra can make.  Gary marks his work with excellence, and strives to go beyond what is expected.  He once told me it's the little things that make a big difference.  JoAnne oversees thousands of people, and yet I know she cares about me personally.  Every time we are together, she asks about my wife, Cathy and my children by name.

Out of the blue, from time to time, I've received messages of encouragement JoAnne and Gary.  Although they both manage very demanding schedules, they make time to be a blessing.

This world would be a much better place if more of us followed their example.


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