By Any Means

Since I read mysteries and action/adventure novels for fun, I was delighted recently to land a free preview copy of Chris Culver's new book, By Any Means via Net Galley.

Chris Culver, a masterful storyteller, did not disappoint.  He grabbed my attention by the opening lines and kept me burning the midnight oil to see what would happen next.

While investigating a double homocide, Ash Rashid, an unconventional police officer in Indianapolis, finds himself embroiled in controversy and danger as he uncovers an international human trafficking ring.   

A "make it up as you go" kind of fellow, Ash repeatedly runs into difficulties with his superiors who are more concerned with following protocol than catching the bad guys. 

A Muslim, Ash is observing Ramadan during the entire story.  I found the descriptions of this observance fascinating, as it is something unfamilar to me.

I appreciate how the author portrays Ash's inner struggles:  conflicts between demands at work and duties at home as well as a battle with alcoholism.

This is a very good read, full of twists and turns, reminding me somewhat of Michael Connelly (The Lincoln Laywer) and James Patterson (Alex Cross.)

The book will be available August 2014.



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