It's Not Worth the Knot

Whatever you're stewing over isn't worth the stomach knot.

It's not worth the knot!

I've found, from personal experience, that worrying doesn't help matters one bit. It just makes the burden heavier.

We all know we shouldn't worry -- but circumstances beyond our control set us off. Anxiety is toxic waste oozing through our mind and body.

It's contagious too. You can get a whole room full of people to start fretting with just a few negative fearful words.

The crazy thing is -- most of the stuff we worry about never happens. And that's a fact.

The other day, I came across my worry file. Several years ago, as I was trying to quit the worry habit, I would write my worries down and place them in my file.

Now -- over a decade later, I've unearthed my pile of worries. Guess what. Of the dozen or so worries I had placed in the file, NOT ONE OF THEM happened!! I had spent restless nights, and hours of inner churning for nothing!!

One wise guy figured it out: "Don't tell me that worry doesn't do any good. I know better! The things I worry about don't happen!"

Worry is the unhealthy child of fear and unbelief. It gives a small matter a big shadow.

Faith is the light which chases the shadow away.

Jochabed was really worried. Pharoah had decreed that all baby boys should be taken to the Nile River and drowned. What was she to do with her infant son?

In an act of courageous faith, she took him to the Nile River and, with a prayer, sent him off in a little basket. Her son was rescued by a princess, and later Moses became one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen. The name "Moses", fittingly means, "drawn out."

Is there a burden that has been causing you stress and turmoil? How about using the Jochabed approach?

Put your burden in basket, and send it down the river!

Trust God to take care of it. He can "draw out" the best possible solution.


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