The Difference Between Average and Very Good Fishermen

I once heard lengendary Hall of Fame angler, Al Lindner, speak about the difference between average and very good fishermen. He said there are four things that set them apart.  As I listened, I thought there are some direct applications for pastors who are "fishing for people!"

An excellent fisherman. . .

1. Really Knows the Target Species of Fish. They understand the subtle differences. For instance, muskies and northern are both pikes, and are similar in many ways, but there are also some major differences. The good fishermen recognize these differences, and approach them accordingly.

* In your ministry, do you really know and understand your target audience?
* Are you sensitive to the needs, hopes and desires of various kinds of people?

2. Has a Good Understanding of Basic Seasonal Movements. These are somewhat predictable.
* What are the basic seasonal movements in your community? In the life cycle?
* How can you use this to maximize impact?

3.. Knows the Key to Success and a Good Day in the Water is Presentation, not Location.
Never say, "The fish aren't biting." They're always biting. There's no such thing as a lake where the fish aren't biting. They're just not biting what you have to offer. They have seen what you've presented and said, "No."
* How do unchurched people respond to what you have to offer?
* Have you been blaming your location for the lack of results?
* How can you improve your presentation?

4. Understands Boat Control. The great fisherman finds the sweet spot, and anchors there!
* What is your ministry sweet spot?
* What activity promises the greatest eternal return on your investment of energy?
* What currents lead you away from the sweet spot?
* How can you remain achored where you're going to catch the fish?

Lindner went on to share two qualities that separate the very best fishermen from the very good ones.

The Great Fishermen. . .

1. Exhibit Confidence based on Personal Experience. This is a matter of passion and heart.

2. Never Get Burned Out. They never lose their passion for fishing. What causes us to lose our passion? Repetition. Great fishermen are committed to learning new things all the time -- personal growth. They continually ask, "What can I do to catch one more fish?"

* What would happen if pastors carried that kind of confidence and passion into into their churches and communities?


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