Before You Erput

Mauna Loa, earth's largest volcano on Hawaii's Big Island, has been steaming lately. Pundits wonder when a full eruption will occur. 

That reminds me of some human relationships -- steam, steam, steam -- and "Thar She Blows!" 

Some people have a low frustration tolerance. At the slightest annoyance, they over-react with tantrums. 

A sticker on a box I saw a while back made me smile. It said, "Warning: contents may explode under pressure." 

Wouldn't it be great if people wore stickers like that? 

"Warning: if you bother me right now, I'm going to snap your head off!" 

Sometimes, we're tempted to stuff our stress and pressures down into our souls. Instead of resolving issues, we shove them down and try to ignore them. 

Unfortunately, an unresolved issue is like a dead skunk. You won't get rid of it by shoving it under the bed. Ignoring it just makes everything smell worse! 

For the times you are all stressed out and "likely to explode at any moment" - -consider the following: 

1.When things go wrong, ask yourself, "What is going right?" 

One bad situation can siphon off all of our positive energy, making us forget that there are 1000 good things happening too. 

2. Remind yourself, "This too shall pass." 

Even the worst situation is not forever. It's going to get better. 

3. Do something "de-stressing." 

Prayer, reading the Bible, visiting with a good friend, a hike in the woods, listening to your favorite music, going on a drive, or vigorous exercise are all ways to lower your emotional stress level. 

4. Pause before you spout. 

Is this really what you want to say? Is this the way you want to say it? 

It's far better to bite your tongue than to say hurtful things you'll regret later.


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