Do You Need a Refresher Course in Preschool?

Grown ups frequently forget the valuable lessons they learned as youngsters.  Maybe we all ought to go back to preschool for a refresher.  If we did that, here are a few important words we'd learn to say again:

1. Please.

So often, people make selfish demands of other people, forgetting that gentle requests are far more productive than dictates and ultimatums.
Just think how pleasant our world would be, if we all treated each other with courtesy and respect.  "Would you please. . ." goes much further than "You'd better. . . or else!"

2. Thank You.
Ingratitude is at the heart of most misery. Your emotional and spiritual health is directly linked to the level of thankfulness in your life.  If you go around thinking that "life owes you", your unhappiness is guaranteed. Gratiude at the root, produces joy as the fruit.

3. I'm Sorry.
A measure of maturity is how we own and admit our mistakes. Whenever we've hurt someone, intentionally or without realizing, we must go back and try to make amends.

Saying the actual words, "I'm sorry" is the first step towards healing in a fractured relationship. A failure to admit failure is the greatest failure of all!  Generally speaking, an offended person will be reconclied with a humble, heartfelt, honest apology.  Of course, the mere words, "I'm sorry", don't mean too much if they are not followed with appropriate action.  I recall my mother saying, "Sorry is as sorry does."

4. I Forgive You.
Forgiveness is difficult, but essential. It isn't "letting the other person off the hook", as much as it is
"letting ourselves off the hook of bitterness."  

Small children have a beautiful way of making up after a conflict. They can have a spat one minute, and then, get over it and be best buddies the next. Wouldn't it be great if we grown ups could learn to let our offenses go like that?

Yes, I think every grown up ought to go back every few years for a continuing education course in preschool.


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