Live Like a Dandelion

I love dandelions! Call me crazy.  Call me lazy.  Call me a weed lover all you want --I Iove dandelions.  I used to hate 'em, but now I love 'em.

Why in the world would I have an affinity for such pesky plants? Because they are a splendid illustration of how to live!

1. You can't keep a good dandelion down.
Try all you want, those little yellow flowers keep popping up all over the place. Weed eaters, lawn mowers, and even poisons don't phase them. They just keep coming back. Dandelion people are like that too.

When the setbacks and disappointments come, they refuse to cave into discouragement. They do not allow the circumstance to get the best of them. These folks figure out a way through the problem.

Instead of complaining about how bad the situation is, they figure out ways to make things better. Whatever comes -- they will always find a way to bounce back. You can count on it!

2. Dandelions add color to the landscape.

Isn't it boring to have a lawn of only one color? Just think -- dandelions are God's tools to brighten our day.  Think of those little yellow flowers as gifts! 

Dandelion People color the landscape too. They draw out the best in others, adds "spice" to life and bring joy wherever they go (others bring joy when they go!)

3. Dandelions don't play favorites.
They show up everywhere! I've seen them in gardens, sidewalk cracks, country roads, city streets, pastures, mansion lawns, and humble dwellings.

They don't seem to mind whose yard they inhabit. They're not "too good" for anybody. Dandelion people are like that too. They're not cliquish, and are willing to relate with people from all walks of life.

Will Rogers, a classic dandelion guy, said, "I never met a man I didn't like." You can find some good in everybody!

4. Dandelions are genuine.
When my daughter, Hannah, was five years old, she brought me a beautiful gift -- a dandelion!

It was a gesture of genuine love on her part. Nothing plastic or fake about this. She found a pretty flower and wanted to share it with her daddy.

I wore it behind my ear for the rest of the afternoon. Every parent can relate to the little glass of dandelions which sits on the window sill in our kitchen -- a bouquet representing the sincere love of a child.

5. Dandelions rise above it
Perhaps the thing I like most about dandelions is how they keep reaching new heights!

They know how to rise above the situation. Regardless of how tall the grass is -- the dandelions grow taller! You can pound them, cut them, and even steam roll them, but they keep popping back up.

Dandelion people rise above it as well. Their positive "can-do" spirit empowers them to move beyond any obstacle. Attitude, indeed, makes a terrific difference. Your attitude determines your outlook on life.

In once sense, dandelions are better than roses. I shared this thought with my friend Pastor Ben Drown, and he responded with an impromptu poem "Roses bloom, then fade away. Dandelions come back every day."


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