God Sent the Rain: An Amazing Display of God's Power in Africa

I received the following update recently from my dear missionary friend, Dr. Harold Adolph.  I have visited the Soddo Christian Hospital and have met many of the staff.  This report of God's miraculous power reminds me of Elijah vs the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel:

We are back from our emergency trip to Ethiopia. . . and getting our feet back on the ground in Florida. We are full of praise to God for His obvious blessing of the ministry of Soddo Christian Hospital.

A small team from the hospital recently felt very burdened for the Borano people along the southern border of Ethiopia. This is the same language group of nomadic people that our son David and his family have worked with for over 26 years! They went for a short visit to help medically, with food and also with the Gospel.

They were stopped and told to return without rendering help. But in the process they were final told that if their God could make it rain within 24 hours they would all believe and become Christians. It hadn't rained for three years! If it didn't rain they would be killed!

God sent the rain! They were able to help the people. 90 new Borano people will be seen in heaven when we get there. We praise the Lord for God's working miraculously through members of our Discipleship team!


Dave Quinn said…
That is awesome Mark.

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