A Good Place to Stop When You're Lost

The other day, while returning from my retreat at St. John's Abbey, I accidently made a wrong turn and was heading the wrong direction.  I didn't even realize I was lost until I saw Woodland Wesleyan Church on the horizon.  At that moment I knew I was on the wrong road -- so I stopped at the church, said a prayer, made a u-turn and headed home.

And my prayer is that Woodland Wesleyan Church will continue to be a good place for many lost people to make a u-turn and go in the right direction.

It is such a blessing to see the great work Pastor Andi Witter is doing as she leads this little congregation in the sticks and I also was delighted to see their brand new front doors,  inviting the community to come on in.


Unknown said…
God bless you Mark, God wanted you there, He knew that your presence was needed, regardless if anyone else was there... your kindness is showing love to all.. this is a rare trait for anyone... and the Lord blessed you with it. I think I will make a trip over there, just you speaking of it makes me want to really connect with Pastor Andi... she is like you, one of the great people in my life.. Thank you for all your prayers for me and my family.

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