Seven Ways to Cultivate a Thankful Heart

Do you have a tank-full of thankful?  Here are seven ways to cultivate gratitude in your heart:

1)  Be grateful for what you have, rather than ungrateful for what you don’t have.

2)  Declare war on petty negativism.  (Most of our pet peeves are just petty.)

3)  Keep Jesus at the center and refuse to focus on garbage.

4)  Look for the blessing  (You might have to dig, but you will find it somewhere.)

5)  Quit comparing yourself with others.  (The only person you should compare yourself with is the person you used to be.

6)  Change the channel.  (Life's situations are being interpreted by two broadcasts in your mind --
Channel P -- the Postive Channel and Channel N -- the Negative Channel.  You possess the remote control.)

7)  Go out and bless somebody.  (When you make others happy, you make yourself happy.)


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