Bible Reading Plans for 2015

A friend, explaining her recent burst of spiritual growth said, "Bible study.  I've read casually it all along -- but this year, I started studying it, and that's when I began to grow."  What is your plan to read and study the Bible in 2015?  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Nathan W. Bingham has posted several excellent Bible Reading plans at the Ligonier website.  Anyone interested in digging into Scripture will find something good here: Bible Reading Plans for 2015.

Bible Gateway also offers several outstanding plans that can be sent directly to your smartphone or computer:  Bible Gateway Reading Plans.

Other Bible study tools can be found at Bible Hub.

A Bible that is falling apart is usually owned by somebody who isn't.


Elemque said…
My life changed in 2008 when I began opening my bible daily to read larger than usual portions of the bible. Instead of a scripture here or there I would read the whole paragraph or section.
The next leap in my bible reading was after discovering that bible numbering system was put in place by a farmer and his son. So I look at the way the book is written, ignoring titles and numbers and pause where it feels liKe it should. (Obviously psalms is easy!) when I read this way I find I usually read the whole book and get a much different perspective than usual, often what the writer intended. Mega themes leap off the pages and the never changing heart of God is illuminated.
I encourage anyone young, old, bible college taught, layman, believer, non believer, to pick up the bible and read it differently to how you do now.
It's worth it. :)

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