Fight Back With Joy

Margaret Feinberg's new book, Fight Back With Joy is delightful, challenging and inspiring.

Through vulnerable storytelling, extraordinary wordsmithing, and rich reflections, Feinberg provides the reader with fresh understanding of what Scripture says about joy and how to apply it to real life.

While researching the biblical references to joy (there are 400), Margaret was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This book chronicles her journey to embrace joy as a weapon to battle this daunting disease.

I especially appreciate how Margaret shares candidly about her cancer experience, and the various aspects of treatment.  As a veteran pastor, I've visited many parishioners in the oncology ward, but never really comprehended what they were going through until reading Margaret's account.  Because she is such an excellent writer, the reader vicariously lives the moments with her.

I ran into a friend at church the Sunday after I finished Fight Back With Joy.  She's undergoing chemotherapy.  I told her about the book, gave her a hug and said, "I had no idea what you are dealing with, but I understand better now."  She smiled and cried.

I highly recommend this book for anybody -- but especially those whose lives have been impacted by cancer, and those (i.e. pastors) who serve as caregivers.  It gives a good dose of reality with humor blended throughout.

A six week Bible Study Kit is available.

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Melanie McNitt said…
Sounds like a good and thoughtful read!
Mark Wilson said…
Yes it is! I highly recommend it.
This brings a smile to my face. Thank you Mark.

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