Playing it Safe

The Packers beat themselves yesterday.  Green Bay lost the NFC Championship yesterday because they chose to play it safe.   Instead of playing to win, they played not to lose, settling for field goals rather than touchdowns.  They chose to sit on first half points instead of going for broke throughout the entire game.  They attempted to win small by preservation and playing out the clock.

Many church leaders do the same thing.

Last week, I was in a seminar with John Maxwell and Kevin Myers where they discussed momentum.  They said, if you are not meeting expectations, work smarter.  If you are meeting expectations, work steady.  If you are exceeding expectations, work harder.

"When things are going your way," Maxwell said, "for heaven's sakes, don't let off the gas!  That's not the time to take it easy.  Give it more!  Ramp it up!"


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