25 Self Reflection Questions

1. What is the "hub" of your life? (The central theme)
2. If someone were to look at your calendar and checkbook, what would they discover about your priorities? 
3. What is your single greatest strength?
4. What is your earliest memory from childhood? Is there any connection between this memory and your life today? 
5. Where do you invest your most significant emotional energy?
6. What role does God, prayer, the Bible, and church play in your life? 
7. What "turns your crank"? What do you love to do? 
8. Regarding the above question -- Are you carving out time to do it? If not -- Why not? 
9. What holds you back from being your best? 
10. Who has had the most significant influence upon your life?
11. Are you happy with the condition of your inner life?
12. When do you "recharge" your emotional and spiritual batteries?
13. Are there any unresolved issues poisoning your mind and heart?
14. Have you forgiven everybody as far as you know?
15. Is there any restitution you should make?
16. Is your love for your family members reflected in the time you spend with them?
17. How do you communicate your affection and appreciation?
18. What is your plan for personal growth?
19. What helpful books have you read recently? What are you reading right now? What are you going to read next?
20. Who needs your help? What can you do to make a difference?
21. What are your unique gifts and abilities? How can you maximize them?
22. Does your attitude need an adjustment? Are you a hopeful optimist or a frustrated pessimist?
23. What problems are weighing you down? How can you get on the "solution side"?
24. What vision do you have for the future? What do you hope to accomplish?
25. What three changes could you make that would bring about a significant improvement?


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