Face Your Fear

Fear is a terrorist, lurking in the shadows of our hearts -- waiting to attack at any moment. 

Fear keeps us from achieving success. It destroys our dreams. It dashes our hopes. Immeasurable damage is caused by this small four-letter word.  As we run the race of life, fear is a rope that tangles itself around our legs, causing us to stumble, to falter, and to fail.

Theologian, Paul Tillich, stated that our fears put frightening masks over people and things. They appear to be more dreadful than they really are. When we remove the mask, the terror disappears.

Strangers are not so terrible when we view them as fellow human beings. The future is not nearly so fearful when we see it as it is -- realizing that life will go on.

"There is nothing to fear," quoted Franklin D. Roosevelt, 'but fear itself." It is the greatest enemy of courage, progress, and enthusiasm.  As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy -- and he is us!"

So, how do we attack fear head on, rather than waiting for it to attack us?

1. Trust in Your Creator.
The 23rd Psalm says, "I will fear no evil because you are with me." This presence brings calmness and eliminates anxiety. 

2. Practice Courage. 
Do the courageous thing -- even if it scares you to death! "Build dikes of courage," said Martin Luther King Jr, "to hold back the flood of fear." 

Meet your fears with a reservoir of courage, and they will melt away like April snow!

3. Love Sincerely. 
True love casts our fear. If you love others, you will not fear them. If you love life, it will not terrify you.

4. Keep Moving Forward. 
Do not allow small fears to discourage and defeat you.. Move ahead! Keep plugging away! Dare to take a chance! 

Life is too short to remain handcuffed to anxious stomach-churning thoughts. Break the chains, be bold, and conquer your fears today!  As Zig Ziglar said, "F.E.A.R. means Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise."  The choice is yours!


Tom Albin said…
Thank you for the simple and powerful reminder.
Mark Wilson said…
Thanks Tom for your encouraging word.

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