Best George Whitefield Biography Available

As a church history buff, I was delighted to recently discover Thomas Kidd's outstanding biography of George Whitefield.   It is the best work on Whitefield I have ever encountered.

George Whitefield: America's Spiritual Founding Father is both scholarly and spiritual, feeding both intellect and soul.  I appreciate Kidd's candor in his fair treatment of the turbulent relationship between Whitefield and the Wesley brothers.  My tribe (the Wesleyans) usually gives a slanted perspective on this controversy.  Others (such as Dallimore) are biased towards Whitefield's perspective and fail to present a fair assessment.  Kidd does a great job going beneath the surface to investigate the deeper roots and ramifications of the conflict.

This book reveals an extraordinarly gifted man, totally devoted to Christ's mission.  Yet, it does not shrink from revealing his faults and inconsistencies (such as a misguided views on slavery, a perchant to harsh judgments on those who disagree, and alliances with radical extremists.)

It also highlights Whitefield's marketing genius and vibrant partnership with publisher, Ben Franklin.

An outstanding book for anyone interested in understanding the roots of American evangelical Christianity and Methodist,

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