Just Wait Till Tomorrow

Mark Batterson calls what pastors experience the day after Easter a "Holy Hangover."  Most ministers can relate to that feeling.  In light of this, let me share a story from my book, Filled Up, Poured Out.

Just Wait Till Tomorrow

A few years ago, after the last of four exhilarating Easter worship services, I turned to my elder associate, Pastor Ben, and joyfully proclaimed, “Isn’t this fabulous? I can’t imagine it getting any better! Being a pastor is pure joy!”

Pastor Ben grinned wryly and replied, “Just wait till tomorrow.”

Sure enough, Monday was another story. Pastoral counselor, Arch Hart, calls Monday, “adrenaline letdown day.” Another pastor talked about “Bread Truck Mondays”, when the fantasy of delivering bread is far more appealing than continuing in the pastorate.

That Easter Monday, problems sprang up everywhere. I had to deal with a leadership squabble, a budget challenge, a marriage crisis, and a swarm of other difficulties.

I called Pastor Ben.

“This is absolutely horrible! I can’t imagine it getting any worse! Being a pastor is pure torture!”

Pastor Ben grinned and replied, “Just wait till tomorrow.”

Christ is still risen, indeed!


Ben always had a wise word for ws when we lived in Wisconsin.
David Drury said…
this was neat, Mark!
Mark Wilson said…
Yes, Mark. We all appreciate his wisdom. Thanks David!

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