Let's Learn from our History

The following observation of the Wesleyan Church by historians, McLeister and Nicholson, is fascinating:  "It is significant that our greatest losses occurred in those periods when our church was debating questions of reform; and our greatest gains occurred in those periods when our church was most zealous in promoting holiness evangelism."   Perhaps we should learn something from our history.

(Ira F. McLeister & Roy S. Nicholson, Conscience and Commitment: History of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of America, 1976, p. 643.)


swcblues said…
I haven't read the book, but is it possible that the causal nature might be reversed in a reaction to culture? When holiness evangelism is being well received, the church grows and is enthusiastic about it, but when response wanes, we look to reform in response?
Mark Wilson said…
Good thought to ponder. I think it could go either way.

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