I Prayed for You Today

Even though I wasn’t sure exactly what to say,
 I talked to God and spoke your name. I prayed for you today.

I asked the Lord to give you strength, to calm you from your stress,
 To free you from the things you fear and bathe your mind with rest.

I asked the Lord to help you in the uphill days to come.
 I asked our precious, loving God to complete what He’s begun.

He whispered in the quiet and He filled my heart with peace.
 He said that you are deeply loved, and that His love will never cease.
 --  Greg Asimakoupoulos


Lemuel Harris said…
We may never know all God's children on earth but one thing we can do to reach and touch them is to pray for God's blessing upon everyone of them wherever they may be and whatever may be their situation. Thanks for praying for the Church. Its nice.
Mark Wilson said…
Thanks Lemuel. God bless you.

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