East of the Evergreens: A Tribute to Veterans

A special Veteran's Day tribute by John Miller of Brule, Wisconsin:

 East of the evergreens lies a grassy knoll, which has been there from days of old.
 The only route to the grassy knoll is by a narrow, winding gravel road.
 A cloud of dust can be seen afar, created by a long procession of cars.
 Their travel resembles a snail's pace, passengers are with heavy hearts and somber face.
 As the procession arrives and comes to rest, many have come to pay their respects.
 Honoring a Veteran, America's best.

 Proceeding to the top of the grassy knoll, white crosses are visible in numerous rows.
 Near each cross there is placed a small American flag,
 Signifying those brave souls who were courageous and true,
 Who fought and died for the Red, White and Blue.
 Suffering, sacrifice and lives that were lost, the price of freedom at a terrible cost.

 The preacher made certain that everyone heard, this Veteran confessed that "Jesus is Lord",
 Assuring all he is now in a better place, with streets of gold and pearly gates,
 Telling all there is no cause to fear, for God shall wipe away all his tears.
 While his body lies in the grave, his spirit as returned back to God, because he was saved.
 He resides in his mansion forever more, because he confessed that Jesus is Lord.

 Honor guards step forward with the Veteran's final salute,
 With thundering sounds, they begin to shoot.
 They lower their rifles to the ground, after completion of 21 rounds.
 The American Flag is folded in a patriotic way,
 And presented to his widow who is standing near his grave.
 A new, white cross will be aligned with all the rest.
 A small American Flag will be placed near his monument,
 Signifying here is buried a Veteran, one of America's best

 The bugler begins playing taps, that sad, familiar sound,
 Around the grave, silence, no distractions are found.
 Before he finishes playing the final note,
 Many have tears in their eyes and a lump in their throat.
 The crowd disperses and the procession drives away,
 Only the family remains gathered around the grave.
 Reminiscing what the Veteran once told his family and wife,
 For freedom one day, he would have to sacrifice his life.

 Veterans and troops that are with us today,
 Let your ears hear the sincerity of our praise,
 For your sacrifice and years of service that you gave.
 Our freedom exists from the battles that you have won,
 You have persevered, your patience is second to none.
 Our appreciation for your commitment will never grow cold.
 Stories of selflessness will be forever told.
 Honor and respect will be heard long after you have been laid to rest,
 In that peaceful place, east of the evergreens, beneath the grassy knoll.

Veterans and troops, we will never forget.


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