My Bad Hearing Does Not Trouble Me

I can identify with this poem by Beethoven and am sharing it in honor of his birthday. . .

 My bad hearing
 Does not trouble me here.
 In the country
 Every tree
 Seems to talk to me, saying, "Holy! Holy!"
 Inside the forest is enchantment
 Which expresses all things –
 Sweet peace of the forest!

 Almighty, I am happy
 In the woods,
 In the woods,
 Every tree has a voice
 Through thee.

 O God, what glory
 In such a woodland place!
 On the heights is peace –
 Peace to serve thee –

 How glad am I
 Once again
 To be able to wander
 In forest and thicket
 Among the trees,
 The green things and the rocks.
 No mortal can love
 The country as I do;
 For woods and trees and rocks
 Return the echo
 A man desires.

I found this at Your Daily Poem

 This poem is in the public domain.


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