The Only Way to Get There is to Go There

Self examination and difficult conversations are hard.  That's why so few are willing to "go there."  It's painful.

"Going there" means humbling yourself enough to face the truth, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be.

"Going there" is mustering up the courage to say what needs to be said, even if the other person may not react well to it.

"Going there" means caring enough to confront, but often feels uncaring.

"Going there" takes the risk that things will never be the same.

"Going there" forces you to face your fears.

"Going there" reveals your secrets.

"Going there" requires looking beneath the actions to the underlying cause.

"Going there" shows your shadow self.

"Going there" is nerve wracking and gut-wrenching.

"Going there" means seeing or hearing things you would rather ignore.

"Going there" may make you feel defensive.

"Going there" may make you feel vulnerable.

"Going there" may make you feel under attack

But. . . 

"Going there" leads to beautiful breakthroughs.

"Going there" transforms relationships.

"Going there" increases mutual understanding.

"Going there" helps you get unstuck.

"Going there" reveals truth that will set you free.

"Going there" brings boldness you'll never discover by avoiding.

"Going there" is the first, courageous step towards healing.

Consider the improvements you desire in your life and relationships.  The only way to "get there" is to "go there."


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