Holiness is Pure Love

Wesleyan Publishing House recently reprinted the works of  Samuel Brengle, the great Salvation  Army leader and holiness evangelist.

 Brengle's writings have inspired and impacted greatly me since my teenage years when my youth  camp counselor, Larry introduced them to me.

 My prayer is that this new publication of holiness classics will bring this beautiful message to today's  generation -- as it did so powerfully in years past.

 This excerpt from the Introduction to Helps to Holiness, which describes when Samuel Brengle experienced the fullness of the Holy Spirit, resonates deeply with my heart:

  He gave me such a blessing as I never had dreamed a man could have this side of heaven: a            heaven  of love in my heart.  I walked out over Boston Common before breakfast weeping for joy and  praising God.  Oh, how I loved!  In that hour I knew Jesus and loved Him till it seemed my heart  would break with love.  I loved the sparrows; I loved the dogs; I loved the horses; I loved the little  urchins on the streets; I loved the strangers who hurried past me; I loved the whole world.

 Do you want to know what holiness is?  It is pure love.

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