The Gospel According to John: Prepare for a Grand Adventure!

There are a lot of opinions out there about who Jesus is or was. Some say he was just a man, whose deity was merely an exaggerated construct of a power-hungry emperor. Others claim that he never existed at all. Some say that he was a great humanitarian, a good teacher, or a Jewish prophet.
The cyclone of varying opinions concerning Him can be blinding. But who is Jesus, really?
We’re about to launch into a new series  at Hayward Wesleyan Church that will take us into the unfathomable depths of that question. Like a canoe voyage down the river into the heart of the unknown, we’re going to pursue a compelling vision of Christ through the gospel according to John, as we venture into a place of new discoveries – an untamed wilderness of truth, filled with wonder after breathtaking wonder.
This will be no passive journey, or luxurious cruise. This will challenge you. Initiate you. Provoke you. And compel you to decide what you believe about Christ. So bring your Bible, a pen, a notepad, and a hungry spirit. For all those who seek the truth about Christ… will find it. 
(Graphic designed by Jeremy Mavis.  Article written by Ryan Wilson)


Kelli said…
Our church just finished doing a study of John using the book John: The Gospel of Light and Life by Adam Hamilton. It looks like you're using a different book, but you might find it useful for supporting research and introspection. Our group really learned a lot! Seems like John always has something new to teach usn whether we're reading for the first time or the 300th time!

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