Why You Can't Master the Book of John

Lionel Whiston shared this powerful thought in his book on John's Gospel:, Through the Eyes of Love:

 “When I first started reading John’s Gospel in preparation for this book, I struck impasse after  impasse. For hours I sat without writing even a paragraph that was satisfactory. I phoned my son in  St. Louis, telling him of my dilemma. “I can’t master this Gospel of John,. I feel powerless before it.”
 His answer was perceptive and provocative: “John’s Gospel presents Jesus as the Christ and you can’t master the Son of God. You can only let Him master you.”

 I had come seeking to understand and conquer, but instead, Christ had conquered. He has shown me myself and I have felt understood, loved, forgiven and empowered. With reverent awe, I can say, like Thomas, “My Lord and my God.”


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