Seven Myths of Repentance

1.  Repentance equals sorrow.  (No -- repentance means more than feeling sorry.  It means turning from sin to Jesus.)

 2.  Repentance and self-defense can exist together.  (If I am justifying, excusing, and defending myself, I'm not repenting.)

 3.  Repentance can be selective; one can pick and choose.  (It's not a' la carte)

4.  Repentance is purely personal -- to feel better.  (All sin is against God, and hurts others, even if you can't see it right away.)

 5.  Repentance is about a deed I've done.  (It's deep matter of the heart.)

 6.  Repentance is about self-preservation.

 7.  Repentance is a single act.  (There is a huge difference between having repented, and being repentant.)

 --  Richard Owen Roberts


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