Homemade Happiness

Here are a dozen ways to have a happier home life:

 1. Never yell at each other unless the house is on fire, or someone is hard of hearing.

 2. Use the 7:1 ratio -- It takes seven positives to counteract the force of one negative -- It could even be more like 10:1. Make sure you speak at least seven affirmations and encouragements for every criticism.

 3. Make up your mind not to allow petty annoyances to become barriers.  Always ask, "Is it worth it" before you react.

 4. Accept those in your home for who they are, and not what you assume they should be.

 5. Determine to brighten up your home whenever you walk in the door.  Some people bring joy wherever they go -- and others bring joy when they go!

 6. Express your appreciation and love often. "Please" and "Thank you" are more precious than gold.

 7. Hug a lot. Meaningful touch provides a sense of security and belonging (If course, if someone doesn't want to be hugged, it's best to be sensitive and resort back to #4)

 8. Be honest and keep your promises.

 9. Delete whining, complaining and negative criticism from your daily vocabulary. If you must say something negative, then refer to #2 (7:1 ratio.) Praise is the language of heaven.

 10. Be kind and live by the Golden Rule: "Do to others as you would have them do to you."

 11. Don't allow too much time to go by before you resolve conflicts. Of course, we all have negative emotions and reactions -- but it's best to keep short accounts with those we love.

 12. Focus on what you can do for others instead of what others should be doing for you.


Trish Hoehne said…
Great words of Wisdom!

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