The Secret of Getting Along

Some people have a hard time getting along with others.  Wherever they go, they leave a trail of broken relationships, disappointments, and a heap of former friends.

An individual can be highly intelligent, a hard worker, willing to go the extra mile, committed to excellence -- and still fail because of relational problems.

I've often wondered why so many people sabotage themselves.  Is it just the way they're wired?  If so, is it possible to change?  

Yes, we're all wired differently -- and some are easier to get along with than others.  However, applying a few relationship rules can help you get along with almost anybody.

1.  Focus on the positive.  You will find plenty of flaws in everyone if you look for them.  Instead, go mining for the positive, and you will find that too!

2.  Never go fishing with a crab-apple for bait.  If you want people to be friendly to you, be friendly to them first.  Don't wait for the other person to give the first cue.  They might be as insecure as you.  

3.  If you want positive friends, determine to be a positive person.  If you're a grouch, the only people who will want to hang around you are other grouches.

4.  Don't impute motives.  It's so easy to jump to conclusions  -- "He did that because he dislikes me."  Choosing to believe the other person has good intentions lessens the friction in relationships.

5.  Be willing to forgive.  Refuse to let frustrations and annoyances stockpile into a mountain of resentment.  It's best to deal with it right away and then move on.

6.  Believe in others.  Every person you meet is a work of art - a masterpiece -- created in God's image.  This truth should inform how we view and treat those around us.

7.  Follow the Golden Rule:  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

8.  Be genuinely interested in others.  Focus on them instead of yourselves.  An inward focus always leads to unhappiness.

9.  Determine that you will be an encourager and positive influence on each person you meet.

10.  Remember, some people bring joy wherever they go -- and others bring joy WHEN they go.  Be a member of the first group.


Dave Quinn said…
Great post Mark. This sounds like a description of you... All the positives that is.

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