The World Needs More Encouragers

"When you're down and out, something always turns up," quipped Orson Wells, "and it is usually the noses of your friends."

Often, when people most need emotional support and encouragement, they are least likely to find it.  As the old proverb says, "Laugh and the world laughs with you.  Cry, and you cry alone."

We all need encouragement, and, as Chuck Swindoll says, "we die without it. , . slowly, sadly, and angrily."  Psychologist, William James adds this, "The deepest principle of human nature is to be appreciated."

So, with these things in mind, what is your E.Q:  Your encouragment quotient?  How often do you focus on building people up and expressing sincere appreciation?

There are plenty of "discouragers" in this world -- plenty of folks who are quick to criticize and find fault.  It doesn't take much intelligence to be a fault finder.  Encouragers, on the other hand, are a rare breed.  Wherever they go, they inspire hope and bring joy.  

We shrivel under the blistering attacks of discouragers -- but we blossom and thrive under the beams of loving encouragement.

Everyone has the ability to encourage.  We're hard wired for it.  However, our tendency is to let life's problems swamp us, and bog us down.  When that happens, it's hard to look beyond ourselves.

But do you realize that helping others is the best way help yourself?  Whenever you help someone climb uphill, you get closer to the top too.

Who is your greatest encourager?  Why?  What qualities does this person possess that makes him/her different?  Would anybody answer this question with your name?  How can you be a better encourager in all your relationships?

How are things going in your life right now?  Are you an encourager at home, or are you more of a battle axe, a nag, or a walking volcano, ready to erupt?

Being an encourager requires a daily commitment. If you aren't intentional about it, the gloomies will get the best of you. 

It takes intentional effort to focus on the good and beautiful rather than the bugs on the windshield.  Don't let the bugs bug you. 

Encouragers are the medics on the emotional battlefield.  They move from person to person with a healing touch bringing medicine called "comforting hope."  The very survival of some depends on these medics, and these days there is a shortage of them.

Why not sign up for a tour of encouragement duty?  The need is too great to delay.  You have the ability.  Are you willing to step ourside of yourself?  A hurting world needs you.


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