When You're Having Problems

Are you having problems?  Then be happy, because it means you are alive.  The only folks in town with no problems are those buried six feet under in Greenwood Cemetery.

 Any time you attempt something worthwhile, you're going to run into troubles.  They come with the territory of progress.  Forward movement always brings a bit of friction and resistance.  I think problems are in our lives to test our resolve and resilience.

 Here are a few principles to help you face problems when they arise:

 1.  Big problems are reserved for big people.  
 The person who desires to go forward with life and aim high will have bigger problems than the one who just sits around doing nothing and watching the world go by.

 2.  Big plans bring big problems.  
 God gives us the vision of what He can accomplish through us.  Sometimes, His vision is accompanies by big plans and big problems.  One guarantee:  If God supplies the vision, He will put a PRO in front of it and supply the provision.  He will give us all the power we need to overcome the obstacles.

 3.  Problems are often detours rather than stop signs. 
 If your first idea unravels, don't give up.  There must be a better way.  There's almost always more than one possible solution.  

 When faced with a big challenge, I often sit down and write 10 possible solutions.  I don't settle for three or seven -- I work until I get ten.  Then I look over the list and pray, asking God to show me which of the ten is best one to try first.

 If the first one doesn't work, I still have nine options to go!  

 Don't be blocked by a problem.  There's always a way around it.

 4.  "God is bigger than any problem I have."  
 My father had a sign in his office with this quote on it.  I believe it with all my heart.  My problem may be big, but my God is bigger!

 There is no problem so great that God cannot solve it.
 There is no problem so heavy that God cannot carry it.
 There is no hurt so deep that God cannot heal it.
 There is no grief so dark, that God cannot comfort it.

 "My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory." Phil. 4:19


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