All Day Long

I was facing a difficult day. Many issues demanded my attention, my schedule was packed full of appointments, and my energy level was low. The needs around me seemed overwhelming, and the phone rang off the hook.

Realizing that I had not yet had my quiet time with God, I decided to escape from the office for a few minutes and find a place for solitude. A long time ago, I learned that if my soul is not anchored, I’m not much good for anybody.

I drove to a beautiful lake, and spent some time centering my mind on my Creator. It seemed as if my Heavenly Father was speaking his love, strength and peace to my heart.

Then, I read Psalm 25:5, which states, “My hope is in you all day long.”

All day long! Just think!

God is with me all day long – every single moment of every single day.

All day long, he offers his peace.
All day long, I can rest in his grace.
All day long, He demonstrates his love and faithfulness.
All day long, I can depend on Him.

He never goes out to lunch, never takes a break, never falls asleep on us. He is always there.

My good friend, Charlie Howe, is an enthusiastic God-lover. One day, I saw him riding his bike in the rain. I stopped next to him in my vehicle, and said, "Need a lift?"

He grinned and replied, "Yes! I was just praying for God to send me a good samaritan!"

As he dried off in my car, he shared his philosophy of life with me:

God is there.
And He cares.
So why despair?

We can keep our hope alive as we trust in Him – All day long!
(Chippwea Flowage picture courtesy of Pixn8tr's Flicker Photos)


Anonymous said…
A place of solitude in nature is where I find my greatest comfort when talking with God. This is where I find my most precious moments.

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