A Leadership Truth

Having a title doesn't mean that you're in charge.


And the One in Charge doesn't even need a Title, even though we have given Him many.

That was a wonderful service this morning. I especially like Pastor Loretta's comments about Jesus' new commandment to us from John 13:34. If we all followed that a little more closely I don't think there would be the dissention in the Church or the world for that matter that we see today.
Keetha said…
Your Packers ROCKED today, beating a team Brett had never beaten before - - - the Chiefs.

My Colts are rocking too - - - but it's only halftime. I'm so near heart failure I had to come up here during halftime to try to calm down!!!
Anonymous said…
I wish I could have heard the wonderful service this morning. Unfortunately, most trouble in the Churches is caused by the so-called leaders with titles who forget that HE is really in charge.
Anonymous said…
I think when we all realize that we are not in charge, life is simplified!

I like the Packers, but my Lions are Hot on their trail, just like Michigsan is Hot on Ohio States trail.

What an inbteresting football year.


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