Leah's Funeral

Going into it, I really dreaded Leah's funeral. I didn't know how we were going to make it through. What I discovered, though, was something I've experienced many times before. God gives strength right when you need it. (He doesn't give the strength BEFOREHAND -- only when you need it. That's where faith comes in.)

Half the town showed up, bringing their love with them. We all cried together (holy water.)

It ended up being a beautiful celebration of Leah's life. We had the whole worship team -- drums, bass, guitars, flute -- and sang her songs (There are two kinds of singing, I told them -- singing when you're happy, and singing when you're sad, which gives you comfort and strength.)

We sang "Reign in Me", "In Christ Alone", and "When Its All Been Said and Done".

Four pastors read passages of Scripture (John 14, Psalm 139, II Cor. 5, Rev. 21)

Several people shared beautiful thoughts and memories. We had a moving slide presentation (to the music of "You are My Sunshine" and "Lifesong" )

I, then, shared a Message from Leah to all of us. It was based on the last e-mail she sent to me, just a few days before she died.

We sang "It is Well with My Soul" and "I Can Only Imagine", then joined hands and prayed together.

Finally, we exited the sanctuary with Amazing Grace as our postlude (It had also been the prelude -- reminding us that we are surrounded by grace. God's love goes before us, His mercy follows us. His grace will lead us home.)


Wayne the FLAME guy said…
Beautiful Mark. God led you, God sustained you, and God's people once again were reminded of the foundation that their lives rest upon.
Anonymous said…
Pastor Mark, could you post
the seven ups you shared
during Leah's service?
Thank you!
Anonymous said…
If it's possible for a funeral service to be wonderful and tragically sad at the same time, then that was Leah's service. My heart was completely drained and filled all at the same time. There was so much love there last night. God's presence was so very evident. Because of Leah's life of love, so many others will be changed. God is our strength.
Sue B.
Dale Argot said…
Mark; Sounds like God ministered through you to the congregation. I know exactly how you feel. God gives strength right when you need it. I've experienced that as well. Thanks for sharing with us. You and the family will continue to remain in our prayers. May God wrap his arms around you as you minister this week.
Keetha said…
And it also sounds like God ministered TO you THROUGH the congregation. So wonderful when that happens - - -
Tracy said…
Pastor Mark Leah's Service was amazingly beautiful. Even though her loss was so tragic to all of us, I am comforted to know that she is in God's arms. Leah's boys and Aaron are in my Prayers that the Lord will walk with them and guide them.

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