In Prayer

Last week, I preached on being "In Christ". Today, I spoke on what it means to be "In Prayer."

There's a big difference between saying a prayer and being IN prayer.

Two ways to live "In Prayer":

1. Spirit of Prayer: This is a day by day, moment by moment awareness of God's presence -- maintaining a prayerful attitude throughout all the interactions from the day.

2. Seasons of Prayer: Setting apart extended time, each day, to pray deeply. This also applies to getting away for a day (or half day, or two days, etc) for prayerful reflection -- hearing from the Lord.

The most loving thing you can do for others is to pray for them.

Here's a great way to BLESS your loved ones:

B -- Body: Pray that God will grant strength, energy and healing.
L -- Livlihood: Pray that God will help them in their work, school, and all the details of living.
E -- Emotional: Pray that God will keep them from discouragement, depression, anxiety and fear. Ask that they will be filled with deep inner peace.
S -- Social: Pray that God will bless all their relationships.
S -- Spiritual: This is the MOST important. Pray that God will bring them into the fullness of His presence. (I learned this from my prayer partner, Judy Gorud)

When praying for the Spiritual Dimension here are some powerful insights from Ephesians 1:15-23.

1. Thank God for what He's already doing in their lives. (the faith and love already planted in them.)
2. Ask God to Guide them into His very best plan. This entails both wisdom (using your brains) and revelation (using your heart.)
3. Ask God to to Help them know -- that their eyes of understanding will be opened. Pray that they will:

a. Know the Hope.
b. Know the Riches (of the Spiritual Inheritance)
c. Know the Power

I concluded the service by leading the people in a time of prayer on behalf of their loved ones.


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