Mr. Wilson Goes to General Conference

Flying today to Orlando for the North American General Conference of the Wesleyan Church. It's a real honor to be one of the six cheeseheads representing Wisconsin.

I'm not exactly sure why they picked Florida in June. Maybe next time they should make it Florida in February! Or, better yet, Hayward in June!!

Tonight, I'll be joining my heart with many others in a season of prayer for the nations.
On Saturday, we will celebrate God's marvelous work around the world through the ministry of Global Partners.
Sunday, we will worship and fellowship together. Good preaching. Good music. Good friends.
Monday through Wednesday we vote on a myriad of proposals which are being brought to us.
Monday night, I am privileged to participate in a panel discussion on "Corporate Holiness", following a heart-searching message by Dr. Jim Garlow.
Home late on Wednesday.


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