Boil Thrice

My friend, Lola, gave my family a container of wild rice that had been harvested by her late husband, Russell.

I tried to cook it -- but the results weren't very satisfactory.

I called Lola to ask her advice. She replied, "Wild rice -- boil thrice! For it to taste right, you need to bring it to a boil three times."

Aha! That's the way it is with problem solving too. Difficult decisions are like wild rice. Usually, the first boiling is not enough for a satisfactory solution. We need to go back and mull over it some more -- boil it a couple more times -- and then, we'll have something!


Anonymous said…
If you boil it too much, it turns to mush!
Anonymous said…
In other words, it takes time and effort to solve a problem, but it also needs to be handled promptly and correctly.

Most importantly, ignoring a problem (hiding the dead skunk under the rug) never works!
Anonymous said…
Mush would be tastier than rice that had nothing done to it!

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