Today, I am going to be speaking to a group of pastors in Colorado -- without even leaving my office! We're going to use Skype to "beam me in."

Technology is amazing!


Anonymous said…
Today I am going to be speaking to God himself -- without even leaving my house!! Jesus is connecting me with our Heavenly Father.

Technology is amazing but Jesus is Priceless!!!


P.S. Next time you go to the Bahamas you can invite me to come along!!!
mark o wilson said…
Jonathan, you make me smile big!
Keetha said…
Does skype improve one's appearance? NOT that you need it or anything - - - just wonderin' for future reference - - -
Dave Q said…
I think technology is amazing too Mark. I think we will see more of that beaming in type of stuff in future. Especially so Pastors can stay with their families and still preach at their own church on Sunday.

I like Jonathan's comment. I am going to remember that one today.
Anonymous said…
Beam me up Scotty!
Anonymous said…
I like Jonathan's comment too!

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