National Day of Prayer

I opened the church up at 6:00 this morning so our people can come into the sanctuary for a time of prayer throughout the day. Normally, I pray at home in the early morning -- but it was a great blessing for me to start the National Day of Prayer by spending an hour with my Savior in the sanctuary.

I prayed for myself -- that God would strengthen my soul.
I prayed for my family (using the B.L.E.S.S. method)
I prayed for our community.
I prayed for the whole world.
I prayed for our nation and her leaders -- especially, our Commander in Chief.

Yesterday, I was disappointed to hear that President Obama was not going to host or attend any events connected to the National Day of Prayer. Seems to me that he missed a golden opportunity to build bridges with the evangelicals.

Of course, on the other hand, most of the things he's attempted in building bridges with the religious sector has backfired. Every time he's chosen someone to pray or speak spiritually to the nation, there's been a huge negative backlash of public opinion.

In that regard, I understand why he decided NOT to make the National Day of Prayer a public event for himself. It helps him avoid a week or two of angry protests from all sides.

The news reported that he is intending to devote time to private prayer today. I hope that's true. My prayer for him this morning was that President Obama would really pray -- that God would really speak to his heart -- and that he would really listen.

If our president stops for an hour or two to truly seek the Lord, that's better than a thousand politically charged prayer breakfasts.


Anonymous said…
I think President Obama should be given our respect for keeping his prayer life private.
Anonymous said…
My prayer is that all our so-called Christians leaders would really pray--that God would really speak to their hearts--and that they would really listen.
Dave Q said…
Amen to the last two paragraphs Mark. It would be great for Obama to have that quiet time seeking and listening to God today. In many ways he is personalising the day of prayer...just as God wants us all to do.
Keetha said…
I think anonymous #2 is on to something. I'm afraid we who wear the name of Christ may be guilty of praying AT instead of FOR our political leaders when we don't agree with their politics.

For is always more productive than at.
Anonymous said…
Amen Keetha!

And I am definitely more for real private prayer than the Public, Listen to How Great I Pray.

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