The Bear and the Beer

Sometimes, my big city friends ask me, "What do you guys do for excitement?"

Well, here's the latest buzz from Hayward: Friday night, a bear made his way into the Marketplace Liquor Store, and hung out for an hour in the beer cooler. Apparently he is not a Wesleyan bear.

Yogi's great adventure made national news:
Bear Makes Beer Run in Wisconsin

Who says nothing happens in a small town?

The DNR officials came and tranquilized him. I hear they're taking him to detox.


Anonymous said…
And Ketha thought she had a bear story...

njc said…
It wasn't Friday night, though; it was Thursday, or possibly early Friday morning--my daughter heard about it at school on Friday.

I think he was definitely just a Wayward Wesleyan bear. He didn't consume any alcohol and was very well-behaved! Don't you think you should give him credit for keeping everyone out of the liquor store for 2 hours????
Anonymous said…
Who said he was Wayward???
Keetha Broyles said…
I think he was probably witnessing.


Cousin Doug - - - you better learn how to SPELL my name if you're going to be MY cousin.


And what I want to know is - - - why can't these things happen when I'm in town???

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