White Picket Fences

Susan Meissner has done it again. (Previously, I reviewed Shape of Mercy, which ended up winning the Christian book award for fiction.) Now, she's given us another powerful novel which leaves the readers reflecting on their relationships and the deeper meanings of life's experiences.

White Picket Fences tells the gripping story of a seemingly "perfect" suburban family. Beneath a thin layer of varnish, however, lies major unresolved issues. Things are not always as they seem and people often go to great measures to hide from the truth which will set them free.
A good read -- haunting -- intriguing -- which reminds us of the old adage, "You're only as sick as your secrets."
(Preview copy was provided for review by the publisher.)


Caleb said…
I went to high school with Sue's daughter..... and Sue was my English teacher in high school. FYI...Becca Gerich showed me this blog....

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