Jerry's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my friend, Jerry Zamber. You made it! I had a hunch you would!

For the past few weeks, Jerry has hovered near death's door, in a valiant struggle against cancer. It's nothing short of a miracle that he made it to this special day.

Although Jerry's body grows a bit weaker daily -- he still smiles.

I ask my readers to remember Jerry and Lorraine today in your thoughts and prayers.

(By the way, Jerry is the artist who crafted our awesome pulpit.)


mark o wilson said…
Hannah, Cathy and I went to visit Jerry this evening. He was weak, but smiled and told us he loved us.
Anonymous said…
My husband Joe and I spent alot of time with Jerry and Lorraine during our short time in Hayward. They welcomed us into their home and gave us strength and hope during an emotional time in our lives. We had just lost Joe's daughter and my father. I thank God for the blessing of getting to know them both. My thoughts and prayers have been with them both.
matt vandelac said…
I'm going to miss Jerry. He was a friend to mankind and a really good person. It will be hard not to look for his welcoming smile and sincere hello at the golf course.

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