Pastor Mark Gets His Wish

Hmmmmmm --a different Pastor Mark, obviously, but quite interesting, nevertheless.


Nellie Dee said…
Seriously Pastor Mark. This morning I was journalling about my desires and kind of wrote a little ditty about that: how God puts those desires within us and that it's HE who will make them come to pass. I have no desire to meet Alice Cooper, but love the story. Our God is FAITHFUL to accomplish our (or rather HIS) dreams. Thanks for the encouragement.
Anonymous said…
On state with Alice Cooper is his biggest dream? There's something seriously wrong with that.
Anonymous said…

Pastor Mark got his wish! That does not mean it was his biggest dream.

I am wishing for a hot fudge sundae right now, and if I got it one of my wishes would have come true.

Of course, in the great realm of things important in my life, the hot fudge sundae is nowhere near the top of my list.

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