Top Ten Reasons Pastors Get Fired

My blogger buddy, Todd Rhoades, recently shared the Top Ten Reasons Pastors Get Fired, in a post at his blog, Monday Morning Insight.

1. Control Issues (Who should run the church)
2. Poor People Skills
3. Church's Resistance to Change
4. Pastor's Leadership Style (too strong)
5. Church Was Already Conflicted When Pastor Arrived
6. Decline in Attendance and/or Conditions
7. Pastor's Leadership Style (too weak)
8. Administrative Incompetence on Part of the Pastor
9. Sexual Misconduct
10. Conflict with Other Staff


Anonymous said…
A. Pastor and/or Board are head of church, not God.

B. Pastor and/or Board think they are the only ones God talks to.

C. Control/ego issues.

D. All decisions are based on who not what.
Anonymous said…
"Leadership is getting someone to do something that they wouldn't have done until you encouraged them to do it." Jeff Rebraca

A good pastor encourages followers to do good things, a bad pastor encourages the oppposite.

Many pastors are pastors for the wrong reasons.
Kathleen said…
Wow! Someone actually said that the "Pastor and/or the Board is the head of the Church, not God." Is this guy for real? The church isn't a building... it is the people who make up the building... wow! You, anonymous, need to read your bible before you start writing... God is the head of everything, whether you want to believe it or not.
Anonymous said…

"God is the head of everything, whether you want to believe it or not."

Do you think the people of sick churches are following God's will?

When the pastor and/or board believe they are the head of a particular church/congregation, this is when trouble starts. These leaders with bad hearts no longer do God's will. They are on ego trips.

Of course, I believe God should be the leader we all follow.

Kathleen, do you think God is the leader of evil cults that claim to be doing God's will?

And yes, Kathleen, I do read the Bible.
Anonymous said…
Pastors get fired when they don't do the work they were hired to do, just like anybody else who gets fired.
Anonymous said…
I am Pastor. You do what I say and no problem.

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